Main features - RanFab 2.1 - Monday 7th April 2014

RanFab 2.1 build 227

RanFab 2.1 build 227 Features and Improvements

New nesting workflow

When costing nested parts for profile cutting we provide an improved workflow. The multi-parts menu has been replaced. Users can now generate nesting lists which they can save and return to at any time before submitted to QuoteFab. The CAD importer has also been completely re-written to a fully browser version. All functionality once available in the QuoteFab importer is now accessible in the new importer but with a lot more automation and less clicks. View the video to see an example for both multiple parts and single ones.

Language Updates

We have updated the French, German and Czech language packs to be up to date with all available strings.

Mobile signature capture

Users which have the mobile access enabled will be able to use any device irrespective of the operating system to capture a signature and record to delivery of a customer order. This feature has been updated for the full browser version as well.

Schedule Display

We updated the schedule to directly reflect the jobs which are running behind schedule by highlighting the entry with a red border. You are require to use machine numbers between 1 and 5 for this feature to function.

Access Level - full control over all fields and actions

If you have UDP enabled on your system you can now control access levels at field level, for every query , built in or custom, processes etc. This is the ultimate level of control over what access you choose to allocate to various sections of RanFab to each defined access level.

Filter selection for customer interface

We've added a powerful filter to the "Show Parts" query in the customer interface. The search has also been optimized to be fast on extremely large lists of parts.

Optional display of one off quantity in quotes with assemblies

Now you can define your quotes that contain assemblies to show or not the one off price. If turned off only the price scales defined in the assembly will be shown. If you have customer quote templates you will need to enter this option code. Please view the current quote template for a reference.

Secondary display in nested parts

For parts created either via CQ or any other CAD integration we support the new table will display the secondary operations status for each part for easy identification.

Part Picture Preview

All parts costed with the QF integration will add a part preview as a picture. You can have this picture displayed in quotes , job cards and packing slips by adding them to your print templates. You can also control the size of the picture via the System Setting > Nesting Preferences.

Larger section for components in Assemblies

We've increased the components section in assemblies for easier viewing.

Zoom in option for components

If the increased section sized is not sufficient , please use the new Zoom option which will display a full screen with the components in that assembly.

Part and assembly header with project

We've redesigned the part and assembly to be potential linked to a project. This can then later be used to look up all parts that are linked to a given project.

Notes in part

Added Notes tab in parts and assemblies

Improved price scaling in assemblies

We've fixed the bug which did not account for WorkItems in sub-assemblies. We have also improved the logic to better apply and calculate the implications of using multiple subassemblies , components and work-items.

Drag and drop attachments

Adding attachments anywhere in RanFab can be now done via simple drag and drop, with no clicks at all. Just select your files in your windows explorer and drag them to the attachment tab.

Customer in context when costing nested parts

Users can now associate a part to be nested with a customer ensuring that RanFab calculates the cost using the customers target net profit. This is valid for all CAD integrations we currently support. If you need to change the selection after the nest is completed and costed you now can change the customer in the final list as well and then recalculate the charge rate.

Process Name display for sub-contracted jobs

Easy display of the name for the process associated with a subcontractor.

Added Required By in Jobs

Added the date required for all jobs in Customer Order for easy access. These dates are now defined by our new improved algorithms which define the most logical date required based on the order date.

Control over Job sequence in Assemblies

Defining and changing the manufacturing sequence is now available in assemblies.

Recording of communications

For your convenience we've added a record for all system generated communications against a client. This means that when a order confirmation is sent or a quote is emailed that action will be recorded under the communication tab of the relevant customer record.

New Fields in Part

Added Surface area, Surface Treatment and Weight in Part. The area and weight will also be automatically calculated ( requires material density ) and displayed when parts were costed with QF.

Multi currency support

Added improved handling of currency support for purchase orders and customer orders.

Subcontractor options

Added lead time defaults and scheduling options in subcontractor. When costing a subcontracted operation in a part the default lead time will be displayed and can be changed. This lead time will be used by the schedule to estimate the completion date of the part. You can optionally select the Include Weekends in the schedule algorithm.

Job Location

Added job location in scanning procedure so that an operator can record the last known location of a job. This location will be continuously updated in the order line item as it moves through the shop floor.

Gantt Chart for Orders

We offer an optional Gantt Chart which will display the , assemblies, parts , jobs in a order over the scheduled time slots in the correct job sequence for easy identification of problems in the production process.

Spit line items for orders

Added functionality to split a PO and extract selectively line items from an existing order to a new one. This comes in handy when for one reason or another a given supplier or subcontractor cannot fulfill the order. The links with the jobs that created those line items will be maintain after a split.

Additional Contacts in Purchase Orders

We've added the additional contacts option in suppliers , subcontractors and the subsequent purchase orders. One can choose now to email a PO to multiple contacts.

Attachments in Quotes

Download all the attachments related to a quote via a single action from the button provided in the quote form.

Optional Part Picture

Display part pictures optionally in quote line items.


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